About Us

The story of NOrdicSummerSet began in 2018 in Latvia. We are a family-owned business in the north of Europe with a big dream to impact the way we see children's clothing. 

It all started when Anete was searching for thermoregulating clothing for her baby girl that would be suitable for the always changing northern summer weather. Something that isn’t a jacket, a pullover or a puffy vest and is first and foremost comfortable for the child. When she couldn't find it, she created it. And it became so much more than just a perfect comfort wear.


The NOrdicSummerSet uses the best Polartec® micro fleece which redefines the whole experience of clothing. It regulates body warmth regardless of the activity level. It is super lightweight but durable, it's soft, pill resistant and fast drying.

The NOSS is designed to suit a wider size range and combined with its durability, one second layer garment is able to replace the need for 10 others, because most children can wear it up to 2 years. 

The Polartec® micro fleece is made from recycled materials and after long years of use it is also biodegradable. It goes perfectly together with our philosophy to start thinking about pollution and overconsumption no later than now. The NOSS is a zero waste company. We produce only the amount we sell. We create unisex collections that are independent from trends, timeless and minimalistic. We create clothing that helps parents teach their kids how to care for the environment.


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