Capsule wardrobe for children - is it possible?

Capsule wardrobe for children - is it possible?

Planning a children's wardrobe can be challenging. It's impossible to predict whether one outfit will fit next season, and it's difficult to decide how much to invest in children's clothes. How to plan a child's wardrobe so that the child has comfortable, high-quality clothes, and does not spend a fortune on it? 

What is a capsule wardrobe for children?

A capsule wardrobe is a set of clothes that can be easily combined with each other and would be easily adapted to any situation. Parents know very well how difficult it is to understand how to dress a child. Not only because of the rapidly changing weather, but also because of the intensity of the children's activity. As a result, most of the time, too many multi-purpose clothes are bought that are rarely worn. 

When creating a capsule wardrobe, it is important to consider what your clothing needs are. If in the context of an adult's wardrobe one thinks more about a place or a situation, then the focus of a child's capsule wardrobe is on activity and conditions. Children's clothing should be functional, comfortable and versatile. 

When creating a child's capsule wardrobe, it is important to evaluate the variability of the environment - warm, wet, windy, cold, etc.. It is important to create a complementary clothing collection, remembering to dress in layers. For example, it is not necessary to buy several coats of different thicknesses for a child. It is enough to have one wind- and moisture-proof top layer, under which you can wear a vest and/or sweater if necessary. A child's capsule wardrobe will be effective if the selected clothes are of high quality and functional. 

Price for one wear

There is no such thing as cheap clothes. Every garment has a price we pay for it. If we buy a piece of clothing for 10 euros, but wear it once or twice, it is a very expensive price for one time. If we buy clothes for 50 euros and wear them three times a week and for several years - that is a very good price. We make this mistake very often with children's clothes - we buy several clothes so that they can be changed, but they are difficult to care for, not durable and uncomfortable. From a financial and environmental point of view, it is smarter to choose one or two long-lasting sweaters that are breathable and comfortable for the child.

Sometimes it may seem that buying several cheaper things will be a more profitable and convenient solution for a supposedly fast-growing child, who will not be able to wear everything anyway. There's nothing comfortable about having three soaking jackets to swap between when you can buy one more expensive jacket that doesn't get wet. 

Functional clothing as the main selection criterion

Functional clothing is one that performs a specific function - protects against moisture penetration and wear or is universal and easily adaptable to different situations. Banging, playing and getting dirty are important for a child's development. It is important for children's clothing to be such that it protects its owner from getting hot, cold and wet while he explores the world. 

Clothes must serve the child's needs and must provide freedom of movement, be durable and breathable. There is no need to exaggerate, because the child himself does not care how many and different pieces of clothing are in his wardrobe until a certain age. The child is happy to choose the one in which he is most comfortable. When creating a capsule wardrobe for your child, it's important to remember that less is better than more. This will allow you to save both money and the time needed for shopping, and will also be a good example for your child about sustainability and nature-friendly choices.. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe for children is not only possible, but highly desirable. By choosing clothes that complement each other, made of high-quality and functional material, it is possible to significantly reduce not only the child's wardrobe, but also to save resources in the long term. Children deserve a carefree childhood and calm parents who don't worry about wet, soiled clothes. By purchasing thermo-regulating, breathable and durable fabrics, this will be guaranteed and everyone will benefit.


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